Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości S.A. with its headquarters in Warsaw was founded on 15th of March 2002 through a merger of Gospodarczy Bank Południowo-Zachodni SA with five Polish banks: Bank Unii Gospodarczej SA, Lubelski Bank Regionalny SA, Małopolski Bank Regionalny SA, Rzeszowski Bank Regionalny SA and Warmińsko-Mazurski Bank Regionalny SA.
Mission of Bank BPS S.A.:
Bank BPS S.A. is based on the best native cooperative tradition, supporting and complementing the financial and human potential of affiliated cooperative banks.

It is a reliable, competitive, secure and modern bank both for its customers and shareholders.

Bank BPS provides its services to both individual as well as business customers – private companies, agricultural sector and public sector entities through over 60 outlets located throughout the whole country.
Among the shareholders of Bank BPS S.A. dominate cooperative banks which own together 87.3% shares, including affiliated banks - 80%. However, such foreign financial entities like DZ BANK AG or Credit Mutuel also play an important role amongst its shareholders.

Governing bodies of Bank BPS:

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Bank BPS S.A. represents the Polish co-operative banking sector being a participant  of Executive Committee of Confédération Internationale des Banques Populaires – CIBP, an international organization that affiliates co-operative banks from 18 countries all around the world.

Legal information:

Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości S.A.
9/11B Płocka Str., 01-231 Warsaw
Tax Identity Number (NIP) 896-00-01-959
District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XII Business Branch of the Domestic Registry Court KRS no. 0000069229
Share capital and paid-in capital PLN 315,331,204

DECLARATION OF THE BOARD of BANK BPS S.A. in the matter of counteracting money laundering and counteracting financing of terrorism at Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości Spółka Akcyjna - View English version 
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